Craft & Hern Sports

Located in Bay Plaza, Hastings (near Kmart) - Craft & Hern stock a range of badminton products including; racquets, court shoes, plastic shuttles & grips/accessories. 

View their Facebook page here, Craft & Hern Sports
or contact them via: 06-878 5163

Racquet Restringing

Craft & Hern Sports provide a racquet restringing service on their electronic Babolat Star 3 machine. 

Costs: $40/racquet

Strings: BG65

Craft & Hern provide same-day stringing  from Monday-Saturday, with no additional charge. See them in store.

School Badminton Sets

Yonex School Badminton Sets are available through Craft & Hern Sports. The Badminton Pack includes 20 racquets,  36 shuttles & 2 nets.

If your school is interested in ordering school sets, contact Craft & Hern directly on 06-878 5163