Badminton Hawke's Bay is newly governed by an Executive Committee, composed of 5 members. The executive committee oversees the work of CDO & team. 

2022 Badminton HB Executive Committee 

  • Chairperson:  Nikki Goodall
  • Secretary:  Email: 
  • Treasurer:  Steve Underhill  - Email: 
  • General Members: Kyle Tostevin,  Aaron Robertson, Nikki Goodall, Gareth Lampitt, Stan Codlin
  • Administrator and Schools Co-ordinator:  email:
  • Funding Officer: Vaughan Coley

Badminton HB Community Development Officer (Yongshie Xie aka Cici)

Badminton HB has a rich history of volunteers and members who have contributed enormously to our sport. Badminton HB recognises these particular members through Life Membership. 

Badminton HB Life Members

  • Ross Bramwell (inactive)
  • Ian Hunter (retired)
  • Ross McMahon (retired)
  • Norm Speers (inactive)
  • Phillip Young 
  • Megan Deacon (retired)
  • Kevin Deacon (Actively involved with Hastings Club)
  • Steve Underhill (Badminton Hawkes Bay Treasurer)
  • Kyle Tostevin (Actively involved with Meeanee Badminton Club & HB Committee)